About us

Our team is dedicated to you and your skin’s health, providing exceptional care with a highly personalized and enriched integrative approach.

At the core of our practice is a warm and compassionate environment where patients are treated as valued individuals and embraced as part of our extended family. We aim to equip individuals with the knowledge and tools to actively participate in their own care and make informed decisions about their health.

Driven by excellence, compassion, and patient-centric care, our dermatology practice is dedicated to improving the lives of our patients. We continually advance our expertise and services to provide the highest level of care possible.

Our services


Our specialized dermatology practice offers comprehensive care for patients of all ages, from infants to seniors. Our team of highly trained and specialized providers has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating various skin conditions. We prioritize personalized care, taking the time to listen to our patients, evaluate their concerns, and develop tailored treatment plans.

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Cosmetic dermatology is a specialized branch of dermatology that focuses on enhancing the appearance of the skin, addressing various aesthetic concerns, and helping individuals achieve their desired look. At our practice, we approach cosmetic dermatology with love and dedication, understanding the impact it can have on boosting self-confidence and overall well-being.

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In our pediatric dermatology practice, our team is dedicated to providing exceptional care to children and adolescents with skin conditions. We understand that your child’s well-being and comfort are of utmost importance, and we strive to create a welcoming and supportive environment for both you and your child.

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Our Medical Team

Dr. Giovanna Ciocca, MD, FAAP, FAASD


Rachel Schleichert, MD

Mohs surgeon

Jessica Amortegui, PA-C

Dermatology Physician Assistant