What skinpen does?

SkinPen gives your skin the reset that it needs in as few as three treatments. SkinPen creates microchannels (microscopic holes) at a rate of 1600 per second. These wounds stimulate your skin, kicking its healing process into high gear. Best of all, SkinPen doesn’t rely on heat or chemicals, so the results are natural and safe for all skin tones and types.

Why Choose SkinPen for Microneedling?

SkinPen rejuvenates from the inside out for younger looking skin.

  1. SkinPen is the first FDA-cleared microneedling device.
  2. SkinPen is proven safe and effective, delivering results that last up to six months.
  3. SkinPen is a quick-and-easy treatment with little to no downtime.
  4. SkinPen is proven to improve the appearance of acne scars and wrinkles on the neck.

SkinPen Follows 3-Step Process