Dr. Giovanna Ciocca is a highly accomplished Medical Doctor with board certifications in both Dermatology and Pediatrics. Dr. Ciocca completed a residency program in Pediatrics at Miami Children’s Hospital, a clinical and research fellowship in dermatology at The Dermatology and Aesthetic Center Boca Raton Florida and a Pediatric Dermatology fellowship at Miami Children’s Hospital.

At the beginning of her career Dr. Ciocca had the privilege of working closely with the late Dr. Marta Rendon, a highly esteemed cosmetic and clinical dermatologist. Dr. Rendon made significant contributions to the field of cosmetic dermatology and was a mentor and inspiration to Dr. Ciocca. Tragically, Dr. Rendon has passed away, leaving behind a remarkable legacy.
During their collaboration, Drs. Ciocca and Rendon conducted groundbreaking research and pioneered the application of innovative cosmetic and clinical treatments. Their shared passion for advancing the field led to the development of cutting-edge therapies that have positively impacted countless patients.
In honor of Dr. Rendon’s memory and her dedication to dermatology, Dr. Ciocca continues to strive for excellence in her own practice. She remains committed to providing exceptional care to her patients and upholding the standards set by her late mentor. Dr. Ciocca’s ongoing pursuit of knowledge and her international travels reflect her determination to further improve and refine  treatments for the benefit of her patients.

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