The best wrinkle is the one you never get! Neurotoxin is a muscle paralysis agent and is an injection treatment used to temporarily treat fine lines and wrinkles. It decreases facial motion by smoothing out the muscles, Removing the fine line & wrinkles, and crow’s feet & neck bands. Ideal for dynamic wrinkles, ie. lines between the eyebrows. Effects may last between 3-6 months.

What are neurotoxin?

Neurotoxin is an FDA-approved injection to paralyze movement in facial muscles to improve fine lines and wrinkles. Botox and Dysport fall under neuromodulators can each has advantages in keeping wrinkles at bay for months at a time.

Botox vs Dysport vs Daxxify: what’s the difference?

At first glance, there seems to be no real difference between Botox and Dysport. Both contain the same active ingredient (Botulinum Type A) and can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The process for both Dysport and Botox is exactly the same. Both are non-invasive procedures that take less than 30 minutes in some cases.
Like Botox, Dysport, and other botulinum toxin-based treatments, Daxxify (a.k.a. Daxi) works by temporarily blocking the release of the neurotransmitter that causes muscle movement. This smooths the “dynamic wrinkles” you have and prevents new expression lines from forming.
What’s unique about Daxxify is its longevity, lasting longer than the other toxins.

How long does the effects last?

The results can last between 3-4 months, although some patients can maintain their rejuvenated appearance for up to six months. This is particularly true for someone who has regular touch-ups.

Can I have dermal fillers and neurotoxin at the same time?

Yes. In fact, they commonly combine these two non-surgical facial treatments.
Dermal fillers complement the effects by filling in hollowed areas of the face such as the gaunt cheeks and concave temples and correcting the appearance of deep wrinkles caused by soft tissue deflation like the laugh lines and marionette lines.



Tonya, 42

Moderate severe frown lines, forehead, crow’s feet.

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